Geschichte der Meteorologie

Images and Reconstructions of Weather and Climate over the last Millenium (20.-22. September 2000)

This conference is the first attempt to bring together scholars from very different fields of knowledge such as climatology, historical climatology, history of mentalities, sociology and political sciences. On one hand, new high resolution reconstructions of climate of the last millennium will be discussed including natural hazards  (storms, floods, droughts etc.) and modelling. A second focus is put on the perception of climate, i.e. on peoples reactions, imaginations and beliefs related  to “unnatural” weather. This includes topics such as weathermaking by witches, fears of an impending new ice age, and, of course, the current Greenhouse debate. It is hoped that the meeting will improve the mutual understanding of natural and social scientists, stimulate interdisciplinary co-operation and help getting a better feeling for non scientific understandings of climate. The conference takes place in the framework of the 600th Anniversary of the Refunding of the Cracow Academy. Festivities include an exhibition on the role of this University in European history and meetings of students of the European Cities of Culture to which Cracow belongs.

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